Hello, industrial indoor positioning
— goodbye, unnecessary overtime and inefficient warehouse management

Indoor positioning in industry quickly pays for itself

The benefits of indoor positioning in industrial production and warehouse facilities can be quickly seen in efficiency, safety and work satisfaction. But above all, they are seen in euros and cents.

Indoor positioning creates both savings and new revenue streams

High-precision indoor positioning opens up completely new opportunities for production and warehouse facilities. Processes become clearer and workflows become faster when any tagged object can be tracked in real time. This is soon reflected in the bottom line, both as savings and new revenue streams.

Indoor positioning in an industrial context means knowing exactly where all the necessary goods or people are at any given moment. Indoor positioning is precise to 10 cm for stationary objects and 50 cm for moving objects. Even old buildings are easy to make smart with indoor positioning. 

Automation and positioning updates enable a faster material cycle in production, better logistics and almost total elimination of warehouse bottlenecks. Indoor positioning allows you to administer both material flows and employees’ work based on precise data.

Iiwari indoor positioning benefits in brief:

  •  Strikingly faster warehouse work and loading times. Faster order loading and delivery, enabling significantly more loads and deliveries in the same time frame as before. The effect may be up to sixfold.

  • More efficient production workflows and elimination of bottlenecks thanks to real-time overview of the location of all materials and tools.

  • This efficiency means qualitative production increases in the same time frame without expanding your production premises.

  • When your organization can offer punctual deliveries, it gains a market advantage and is likely to secure better delivery rates. Players with the most reliable customer service and who can show it numerically have a competitive advantage in negotiations.

  • Smooth production also enhances site safety. An example of this is forklift collisions, which can be prevented with indoor positioning.

Hello, industrial indoor positioning — goodbye, unnecessary overtime

In one industrial setting, deploying indoor positioning was proven to cut the need for overtime by more than ten per cent. This perhaps surprising outcome was due to the higher planning precision enabled by positioning data throughout the process.

Real-time positioning data open the door to optimal shift planning that puts the right number of people on the job at all times. Reduced overtime is reflected in positive figures, the employer’s bottom line, and employee satisfaction.

Iiwari positioning solution scalable to many sizes

Iiwari indoor positioning is based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology, which uses radio signals to locate objects. The solution is both highly precise and lightweight. It scales easily to premises of different sizes and to various needs.

The whole service consists of just three kinds of components. That means it can be deployed much more simply than our competitors’ solutions, without the need for spatial modifications or extensive installations. A single system can contain an unlimited number of tagged objects.

Indoor positioning pays for itself in as little as four months

When you invest in Iiwari UWB technology, you can see the benefits in your bottom line in black-on-white figures. The initial investment in indoor positioning typically pays for itself in approximately four months. That is when the improvements brought by the positioning system start to show. That means your organization could look forward to benefiting financially from the investment very soon after the first quarter of use.

The savings derived from using the system are only part of the financial benefits of indoor positioning. Alongside savings, the positioning system provides a significant potential for increasing production output without other direct changes to the operating environment. Simply put, few investments can do what Iiwari can: generate savings and increase production with a single system.

Iiwari Tracking Solutions Oy, a pioneer in indoor positioning, has its roots in the Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT) and long-term UWB research. Iiwari innovates in cost-effective network solutions and products based on UWB technology aimed at increasingly accurate and reliable indoor positioning.

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